Why Choose American Made Bird Food?

September 28, 2021 , bird food company

Each bird food company has their own unique take on bird food. They will all advertise the best and most popular varieties available. Many of these companies also claim to be the world’s largest bird food manufacturer. But, who really is?

Whitley Bird Products has been supplying bird seed to bird owners for over 35 years. They introduce a new innovative line of Old Elm Wild Bird Food in2000. This new line of 14 specially blends bird food specifically for small songbirds, which includes two all natural flavors. They also include sugar-free and vegetarian options that are easy for people with allergies to eat.

Whitley bird food company blends of safe bird food manufacturers make bird seed available in many different styles. Some of these bird food companies use free range chicken and beef or venison for their blends. Whitley also makes a few specialty blends for the big red bird and waterfowl.

Coleman is a large bird food manufacturer and one of the more well known brands. They make a variety of bird feeders such as the Coleman Bird Feeder, the Coleman Bird Bandit, and Coleman Outdoor Bird Feeders. Their other types of bird feeder include the Coleman Warmblood Bird Feeder and the Coleman Bird Swing. Coleman offers a line of cole woods for woodpeckers, which are actually caged leks, along with an assortment of cole blends including turkey, sagebrush, and gold.

Audubon Distributors is based in Illinois and are one of the largest bird seed manufacturers in the country. They offer a wide selection of both wild bird feeders and those made especially for smaller birds, like hummingbirds. Of course, all of Audubon’s bird food is organic so our feathered friends do not have to worry about getting sick from synthetic bird seed. They can enjoy eating the natural, wild bird food that Audubon has to offer. The majority of Audubon’s bird food is available at feeder stores, but there are a few stores that carry it as a stand-alone bird food called “Eden”. There is also a garden center that carries some bird seed, such as Wild Oats, that is made especially for the birds.

Wild Oats is an all natural bird food that is processed and manufactured in the United States. It is sold under the brand name “Wild Oats Grow” and is distributed throughout the United States by Wild Oats itself and through Audubon Park. Audubon Park supplies its visitors with a large variety of bird food products. Among these bird foods are Audubon’s Specialty Seed, Birdseed from the National Audubon Society, and Audubon’s High-Fructose Diet bird food. To find out what bird food is best for your pet bird, contact your local Audubon Park bird feeder team.