What to Look For in Bird Food Companies

September 28, 2021 , bird food company

It is important to find out more about the bird-food manufacturer when you buy bird seed from them. The reason is that many bird food manufacturers use lower quality ingredients and fillers than natural bird seed. These manufacturers often claim that their bird seed is the best available but what they don’t tell you is that it contains harmful additives and preservatives that are harmful to both wild birds and people. If you want to provide healthy wild bird food for your birds, you need to be able to choose bird food from a bird-food manufacturer that uses healthy wild bird food grade ingredients.

To find out which bird food company uses healthy wild bird food grade ingredients, check the label on the bird feeders that you buy. Many brands of bird feeders will display the words “ultra premium” or “real white”. This simply means that the birdseed that they are selling is of a very high quality. A real premium bird food company will use only natural healthy birdseed and only a few select types of insects.

Whitley is one of the top brands of bird feeders in North America. They offer a large variety of choices that contain a wide variety of natural birdseed that your birds will love. Because they also use only natural ingredients, Whitley bird feeders help to keep North America’s wild birds from succumbing to obesity. They also help to preserve the fragile balance of the native species that live in and around our parks and forests.

If you want to find a bird-food manufacturer that offers healthy and nutritious wild bird food that is made with real sunflower seeds, look for a company that uses “ultra premium” sunflower seeds. The sunflower seeds used by Whitley are a part of the “Artificial Yeast” family. This means that the manufacturer follows the exacting guidelines that are necessary for growing healthy and disease resistant wild birds.

There are two main components to making the best wild bird food: the seed and the Beneficial Insects. Wild bird food companies that use Beneficial Insects more often are likely to make their bird seed products more expensive. For every 100 pieces of wild bird food that you purchase, you are providing the birds with an entire bird population that has been well fed. These larger populations mean healthier populations for the entire environment.

Sunflower seed mixes are great for both seed and insect mixes. They can be used as a source of nutrition or mixed into a bird seed mixture for a more even feeding. If you choose to use them as a treat, be sure to read the labels carefully. Some bird food companies add sugar to their sunflower seed mixes, and this can be a serious problem to your wild bird population. Look for a bird-food manufacturer that promotes a high ratio of beneficial insects to seeds in their bird food mixes.