A Bird Feeding Guide For the Upper Midwest

October 16, 2021 , bird food company

The Bird Candy Company, based in New Britain, Connecticut is a small, family-owned business that produces top notch, all natural bird food. This company was founded by Frank Kern, a long time organic farmer with over forty years of experience. This family owned business was founded in Elm Grove,WI since eighteen66 and has made award winning wild bird food for the last three generations. They introduced a new enriched line of Old Elm(TM) Wild Bird Food, in 2021.

If you are interested in buying bird food, there are many quality brands to choose from. For over twenty years, Whitley has led the way with natural, wholesome bird food. Whitley says they don’t use chemicals in any of their bird food. They also do not add vitamins or other nutrients that may be harmful to the birds. Whitley’s bird seed mixes feature all kinds of variety, including:

Of course, you can’t mention a bird food company without mentioning the top selling birdseed across the United States. Both, Corning and Le Banon Seaboard have created very successful lines. Each year, millions of people purchase bird seed from each of the top selling companies. Birdseed, whether it’s purchased from a bird food company, or from an internet website, is the most popular bird food in the world. According to the USDA, bird seed accounts for nineteen percent of all bird feed sales.